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12016 History and Pedagogy of Mathematics: july 18-22 2016, Montpellier, France. The emergence of the idea of irrationality in theoretical music contexts in the Renaissance. p. 257-262.Ressource en ligne
22012 HPM 2012. The HPM Satellite Meeting of ICME-12. Proceeding book 1. The Division of the tone and the Introduction of Geometry in Theoretical Music in the Renaissance: a Historic-Didactical Approach. p. 394-401.Ressource en ligne
32006 Proceedings of HPM 2004 & ESU 4.Music and mathematics: a historical approach in mathematics education. p. 195-202.
42000 Proceedings of the HPM 2000 Conference. Vol. 2. Theories of ratio and theoretical music: an education approach. p. 83-93.